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Anna woke up at 6 am to get ready for a Big Fashion show today as a 25 year old model living in New York City her mornings were always rushed trying to get castings and Show on time.

She rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to begin her lengthy beauty routine. She turned on the shower and let the water heat up as she brushed her teeth and washed her face.

Anna then climbed into the hot shower and shaved her legs to prep her skin for the body makeup later after shampooing her long brown locks. She applied a hair mask to keep her hair silky smooth.

Once she finished showering, Anna wrapped herself in a towel and went to her closet to pick out an outfit knowing there would be lots of Outfit changes.

She picked stretchy black Jeans and a Simple tank top with sneakers to be comfy backstage she got dressed quickly then went to the kitchen to make avocado toast and coffee for a quick breakfast by 7 am on a finished her meal, then did her makeup opting for glowing skin and neutral eye makeup with a nude lip.

She then diffused her hair into soft curls that framed her face, Anna was ready to go by 7:00am with a small bag packed with backup makeup, phone charger and portfolio 

She grabbed an Uber to the Fashion Show venue as the Uber pulled up to the venue.

Anna felt nervous excitement rushing through her veins. This was the big break she’d been waiting for a show for an incredible major fashion Label.

She took a deep breath, grabbed her bag and stepped out onto the busy sidewalk weaving through idling models and rack upon rack of couture.

Anna made her way backstage hair and makeup stations were already buzzing with activity prepping the first round of girls the energy was electric but Anna noticed the models had a haunted hollow look their eyes before she had a moment to ponder this further the show manager’s assistant tapped Anna on the shoulder fill this out now and get to makeup.

We’re on a tight schedule. He barked, shoving a thick contract and pen into her hands.

Anna’s excitement turned to disbelief as she scanned the bizarre terms including a requirement for all models to sport fully shaved bald heads for two years straight.

She hesitated but the assistant pressured her to sign immediately. Anna feared losing this breakthrough chance so she reluctantly put her name on the stringent contract.

Anna felt sick reading the details of the contract requiring her to be bald for two straight years this was far beyond the norm even for edgy fashion labels 

I am sorry but I can’t agree to shave my head. 

That’s asking too much….

She said firmly the assistant director frowned and grabbed on his shoulders steering her to the back room. The director made himself clear to take the offer or leave this gig.

Anna’s eyes widened seeing five other nervous models already waiting in barber chairs. The stern stylish standing over them barked next and a girl squeezed her eyes shut as her long tumbled down but I had a choice.

You did until you walked through those doors the director said coldly over her shoulder appearing behind her. I’ve got plenty for girls who will gladly take your place for this kind of exposure.

Anna felt trapped, she desperately needed this high paying job but shaving her hand was unfathomable as the director tapped his foot impatiently.

She made a last ditch appeal, please I’m begging you, I will sign the contract but don’t fire me. I have so much debt, I can barely keep a float in NEW York as it is. She stammered, ringing her hands a sinister smile spread across the director’s face.

Oh I know all about your Situation he snarled causing on his stomach to drop causing on his stomach to drop.

I make it my business that’s why I know you will whatever I put in Front  of you.

He pulled out a folder detailing his finances and personal information. You need this job unless you wanna be evicted and your reputation destroyed on a tremble at his cruel tactics.

So let’s try this again….

But The director said smoothly hanging onto the contract, do whatever we say for two years or face bankruptcy and ruin the choice is yours seeing no way out. Anna signed the document hating herself for letting him manipulate her desperation with no choice left.

Anna felt powerless as she signed her rights away. The manager grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and pushed her down into the cold metal barber’s chair trying not to move around too much…..

He chuckled sinisterly, he nodded and the stylish fastened the striped cape tightly around on his neck, She squeezed her eyes shut as the clippers sprang to life next to her ear biting into her thick dark hair.

Anna couldn’t help but whimper as her once flowing locks fell in clumps at her feet,

What a waste of the manager’s time? tisk mockingly running his hands through the chestnut strands covering the floor in minutes.

Anna’s head was crudely shorn down to the scalp. Check for any missed spots the manager barked and the barber ran his hand across Anna’s shivering head ensuring every last hair was removed.

Anna barely recognized her exposed scalp and harsh features  staring back in the mirror. Anna stared into the mirror in shock at her suddenly bald head after the barber’s razor stripped off the last remnants of her long hair feeling utterly exposed. She heard a quiet whimper from across the room.

She looked  over to see several of the other young models huddled together with the same devastated bald look on their previously beautiful faces, She walked over hesitantly the girls gazed back at her with hollow eyes.

How How could you all accept this,

Anna asked them gently one petite blonde spoke up in a whisper….

We had no way out we’re all drowning in debt  from school loans, rent… it never ends in this city and the others modded tears running down their bare scalps

I know, I have piles of debt too

Anna replied gravely: I just signed my life away as well. We’ll sign our souls away for the chance to glimpse a better through this darkness another girl said through gritted teeth at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

So we can survive this the girls fell into a zombie silence bounded by the oppressive contracts and sheared heads that stripped them of identity and freedom the bald models huddled together backstage feeling violated and trapped,

Anna noticed a taller girl among them: Who had tears streaming down her hollow cheeks, be careful with the manager, She spoke up in a shaky voice.

He has Connections everywhere police politicians even hired thugs on the Streets the other models turned to her as she continued. I had a friend, another model here when her debts piled up and she tried to quit he had her arrested on false charges.

She’s still in prison, working off damages to him the Girls gasped on and felt sick.

She was already in so deep but now feared genuine danger the tall girl continued in a fierce whisper he convinces young desperate models to take out loans for housing So procedures but the payments balloon over time.

Once they’re trapped in debt he makes them sign that contract and shave their heads, Anna’s hand instinctively went to her own naked scalp the web was so tangled.

She saw no way to escape speaking up or quitting would only bring down punishment.

Anna’s Mind raced with panic after hearing the tall girls warning,

She Anxiously rubbed her Smooth, exposed scalp, a glaring symbol of the manager’s control over her body and free will as the tall girl leaned in closer.

Her eyes brimming with tears, I forgot the worst part he makes us get from the bank he used to manage.

She whispered the other models started at her in dismay, the pay rent stretch out for like 10 years or more by design so we can never crawl out under his thumb

She looked down in shame so now I’m very confused about her dreams of modeling fame now seemed hopelessly just then the manager sauntered backstage, his eyes locking instantly on the huddled group of bald models with no time for chatter ladies.

We have a long night ahead. He grabbed Anna’s arm forcefully with me for an outfit review…….

He commanded, Anna reluctantly followed him her confidence sinking,

She knew refusal would mean immediate replacement and financial ruin. The manager continued berating Anna as they walked down you now don’t forget to expect perfection or you and your little friends will suffer dearly.

Anna felt the manager’s cruel fingers dig into her arm as he pulled her along his threats still echoing in her mind.

She was disgusted by how much control he now had over her body and her life he brought her into a viewing room where several racy outfits were hanging skimpy materials and strategic cutouts left little to imagination. 

We need something that really shocks people and gets headlines,

He smeared so, let’s show off that new bald look of yours, he pawed through the outfits assessing each one 

Anna stood there meekly her skin crawling,,,

She caught a glimpse of her naked scalp in a mirror and had to choke back tears. The manager finally selected an ensemble that was little more than straps and sheer fabric.

Yes, this should nicely flaunt those curves and think of the reaction when they see your bare head with it on a tremble as he held it up to her she had hit rock bottom.

Allowing herself to be degraded for this sleazy man’s gain oh and one last touch he said pulling out electric clippers on a frozen horror as he threw them roughly over the bit of stubble on her head erasing the last trace of hair perfect now.

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