Tennessee Bridal & Wedding Expo 2024

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Event Planning Seminar

Planning your wedding should be an exciting journey, not a stressful one. Join us at the Bridal & Wedding Expo, where top wedding planners from Eternity Events, Mi Amor. Discover how choosing a planner to organize your special day will ease stress and make sure your wedding day is nothing short of amazing. The best part is that entry is free!

Food Sampling

We have planned a food event you won’t want to miss at the Bridal & Wedding Expo because your wedding celebration is an integral part of making lasting memories. Come enjoy the delicious food prepared by leading organizers such as Tasty Delights LLC and Sip with Soul Mobile Bar with your bride party. Make sure your guests enjoy the best food possible, whether it’s a luxurious buffet or a classy display dinner. Savor delightful samples from ZANDRIA’s Dessert Boutique and other particular cake manufacturers to satisfy your sweet desire and create a truly remarkable Expo event.

Dance Lessons

When you and your partner first go onto the dance floor at a wedding, it may be an exciting and nervous time. It might not come readily to you if you’re not an experienced dancer. The Bridal & Wedding Expo provides that need. Our professional dancers are willing to show you how taking dance classes may improve your performance and bring a bit of style and fun into the occasion.


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Delectable Delights LLC

Your first choice for delicious food experiences designed to enhance your special occasions is Delectable Delights LLC. Delectable Delights is a delicious foods the pleasure bakery that specializes in creating tasty sweets that appeal to the senses and leave a lasting impression. Their selection ranges from luxurious sweets to flavorful food.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a renowned institution dedicated to the art of dance and fostering a love for movement and rhythm. With a rich legacy spanning decades, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers expert instruction in a variety of dance styles, from classic ballroom to contemporary salsa. Led by passionate and experienced instructors, their personalized approach caters to dancers of all level.

M. Martin

M. Martin is a fashion label synonymous with modern luxury and understated elegance. Founded by designers Alex Gilbert and Jennifer Noyes, M. Martin is renowned for its minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic, offering impeccably tailored pieces that exude effortless chic. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality materials, each garment reflects the brand’s commitment to timeless design and enduring style.

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