Gem Faire Events In 2024

SCHEDULE Gem Faire 2024

     City                               Date
Santa Rosa, CA                     April 19 - April 21
Costa Mesa, CA                     May 10 - May 12
San Rafael, CA                     July 19 - July 21
Sacramento, CA                     August 2 - August 4
Santa Barbara, CA                  August 16- August 18
Costa Mesa, CA                     August 30 - September 1


Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am- 5pm

Wholesale Preview

Admission $7 weekend pass Purchase tickets at the door cash only
Special Wholesale hours are only on Friday from 10am-12pm.
Free for children 11 & under.

Gem Faire Your Best Choice

Gem Faire is the greatest option if you want an amazing experience because its events in 2024 will be sure to surprise gem lovers all across the USA. Gem Faire, which is known for displaying a beautiful array of gems, jewelry, beads, minerals, and other items, provides one chance to take a dive into the realm of gems. Come satisfy your interest for all things gem-related in 2024 by hosting Gem Faire Events with us.

What We Do For You

  • Complimentary VIP passes available upon request for our esteemed buyers. 
  • Please request company signs at least 2 weeks before the show. 
  • We ensure security during setup, tear-down, show hours, and nightly lock-up. Rent full or half vision glass display cases for your convenience. 
  • Enjoy wholesale buyer previews at every Gem Faire location. 
  • Benefit from local and regional advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, transit systems, billboards, and flier distribution.
  • Experience exceptional direct mailing, with a proven track record of success over 30 years, distributed prior to every Gem Faire.
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